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I think Ted answers this question pretty well in either of these videos.


I personally go for .22, quieter, more shots, but i'm doing a lot more plinking and target shooting than hunting at the moment. Were I exclusively hunting, small game I would be sorely in need of the .25 Warcat, I think. I've said it before when it comes to any gun or tool: there is what you Want, what you Can get, and most importantly what you Will use/carry.


As of the moment I have the Ataman AP16 compact .22, because its what I Will carry on the trail and the .22 is a capable round, but you do need to put it where it counts. I also have the Evaniz Rex P in .357 because if you want to take game of any consequence you need that larger caliber. Then I have on back order the FAS 6004 .177 for plinking fun.