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  I put the rifle together Wednesday afternoon and shot about 30 pellets off the porch with it resting on my arm just to get it on paper good and get a feel for the trigger. We had company yesterday afternoon so I worked in the yard yesterday and Thursday after work and couldn't shoot. So this AM my mission was to run some pellets through it. The only light pellets I had were Crosman Premier 7.9 gr hollow points and some JSB Exact 7.33 that Don was kind enough to send along with the rifle. Since I didn't have many JSB's I shot mostly the Crosmans.

  I set up the target at 13.5 yards, about 50' and on the first actually shot some very good groups with the Crosmans but half the targets had a flier that was about three inches low and 2" right. The second target I shot three bulls with the Crosmans and three with the JSB's. I've only  been shooting air rifles for a little over a year but have shot powder burnes for 50+ years. Until this one I have never owned or shot a rifle with peep sights and had to go online to see how to set up the rear sight for the correct sight picture.

The wind had picked up by the time I shot this target, blowing 6-10 mph from my 5-7 o'clock. There are five shots in each group.