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Just got a reply from a youtube channel who said the app hasn't been updated to work with newer phones. Finny thing is, the app used to work on my iPad gen 2 and now it doesn't. Tried uploading the app to my old iPhone 5s and low and behold it works on that. I've emailed the developer as well, but I'm not holding my breath. I'd ideally like it to work on my s7 edge.

Dennis, I love the rtek because it simplifies everything from focusing the camera without having to constantly taking off the scope adapter, to recording (instead of having to buy a mini dvr with all sorts of chords dangling, etc..). I also have a non rtek system I bought a few years ago and still use that as well but again, the rtek simplifies things. I would also consider the new Sightmark Photon RT, as that is a digital scope with ir that records directly (no sd card needed), and their free app allows you to also view what you're seeing in the scope, on your phone (helps reduce eye blindness from viewing through the scope only if you are also using the scope to scan). The Photon RT is more streamlined and less bulky than the Nitesite, and being digital, can be used day or night. They are around the same price point. The advantage with the Nitesite is that you can use whatever scope you currently have.