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We have not changed any test procedures on RAW guns since the takeover by AirForce. Every rifle is tested at 75 to 100 yards  (depending on caliber and application) before it leaves the factory. The original poster wanted to buy a spare barrel and wanted the spare barrel installed in a gun here and test fired before it was sent out.  We can do this but it’s not part of the cost of a spare barrel.  There is a charge.  We thought we were being responsive in offering a service not offered by any company we are aware of and do not understand why there seems to be a need to skew the facts.

Thank you Martin,

Thanks for clarification. 

I got your point. Yes I took it as I posted it. There is no ill intention behind it.  This is right that I have been concerned about RAW post your agreement with Airforce.

Neither do I know the details of the agreement but my love for RAW raises many suspicions. 

When you wrote to me that now you will charge test fee, I can copy past your mail here but shall not do it, it gave the impression that it was not happening in the past.

During all my deals with you your cooperation has been unprecedented. 

Also the guns that you sent me are great shooters.

I apologise if anything written by me is wrong.  But believe me that it was misunderstanding that you just clarified in your response now.

Yes I hope to place an order for extra barrel and want you to test it at 100 yards and I agree to pay the fee that you have communicated to me.

No issues at all.

You know that I am in that part of the world from where it is extremely difficult to send back such items if they don't perform. Also we have to pay a big premium price to get things here.

I always read in the past that you had always been available on phone but when I wanted to discuss all the things on phone I was informed that only e mails now.

I appreciate your clarification on this post. I correct my understanding.  I also apologise for anything I misunderstood and mentioned in the post.

I always appreciate your great work and support.

Thank you RAW and thank you Martin.



Umair Bhaur