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Says I won the appeaI

I basically said that this was a decision that would change the industry and a good way to generate more revenue for paypal. I said that these air rifles were meant as a hobby sport and not meant as a weapon to kill. And that many high-schools around the United States compete in air rifle competitions with these pcps(didn't tell them sub 12ftlb ofc). Told them that people could buy air rifles from their local walmart without any form of license or identification . Finally mentioned the fact that these very same pcps were being sold on ebay. 

The email/effort was a resounding success. One day after submission of the email I receive confirmation of the refund. Not sure if they caved in from it being a 2nd appeal or whether my email did it. 

Oh God I am so happy! Good things come to people who are patient and who don't rub into the other persons face when they won the appeal based on terms and conditions.

When I logged into paypal, It said this too, very strange. Will need to call them to double check.:

Upon further review of this case, we have granted the seller's appeal. The seller may contact you to request that you return the refund that was previously issue to you.


Maybe it's a glitch?