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I purchased a 25 cal Mk2 Wildcat in walnut earlier this year from Utah Airguns. I was/am adamant on having the walnut stock, and do not regret that decision at all because I love the dark walnut stock that my rifle has. I originally wanted a .25 compact with a walnut stock, so I called UA and asked if this was feasible. They said it wouldn't be a problem to buy a .25 compact in walnut, as long as I was willing to pay the extra costs associated with it (they would swap the synthetic stock with a walnut stock), and be ok with the fact the rifle won't have a picatinny rail for bipod attachment. After thinking it over for a few minutes, I did not to go down this road because I decided it would be more valuable for me to have a larger air cylinder to retain shot count. If you are really committed to the .25 compact, I strongly suggest you contact Utah Airguns and talk to them about getting one with the walnut stock.

It might also be worth mentioning that if you want a walnut stock AND picatinny rail for a bipod, UA will not install a rail for you. They'll sell you a Magpul rail kit, but you're on your own for the install since they don't want to be liable for a damaged stock (and understandably so). I purchased the Magpul rail kit from them along with my Wildcat, but opted not to install it and went with the Atlas BT17 rail instead because the Atlas rail is contoured and mates up with the rifle stock's foregrip better. DIY install is pretty reasonable, though nerve-wracking when you're attacking a brand spankin' new rifle with drill bits. Let me know if there's any other questions I can answer for you.