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Mubhuar posted earlier about the barrels for RAW AIR RIFLE now require a $50 charge if you want the barrel tested before it ships  , im not sure what that means im not sure i mind the extra $ being charged,, but i would like to know what this really means ,,in the AEAC video at RAW,, it showed martin going through several tests and visually inspecting the barrels .. sliding several pellets through the barrel to look for abnormally also shooting at 75 yards to ensure acurassy,, apparently without paying the extra dough theese tests will not happen ,for me buying into the RAW thing …was all about purchasing  a top product and the ability to talk to the man who made my rifles perfect before they shipped ,, now i know he would get nothing done taking every ones phone call,, and the $50  charge is not bothering me ,,its that i bought my 3 RIFLES i was told anytime i needed a ? answered just call and we will talk with you,,i wish them sandra and martin the best ,,,well times are changing in the way things are being done .and i fear there will be more big ones to come ,,PAT