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Have they worked out all the software bugs? I've read a lot of reports about it locking up.

working with ATN on it.  It's not as bad as folks are making it out.  I knew what I was getting into though buying it so early.  I'm trying to be a middle man between some industry folks and ATN to make this thing amazing for airgunners (ballistic data for real-time POI shifts, recital changes, etc)

Good! Did you make them aware on the need to manually range down to 10 yards and a dedicated Airgun BC (or instruction on which one we can use for airgun pellets) as well?

There should also be an option to use the current ATN laser rangefinders with the 4K.

More reticle options (more stadia, mil dots, and a true Black colored one) would be nice too!


I think they made a great step from the II to the 4K both in optics as well as in the formfactor and powersupply of the scope! Even with the quirky firmware it is a joy to use, and the battery life is amazing! (No more wires with powerbanks hanging on the airgun!)

The only other thing needed is a good neoprene scopecover, as the one supplied is just a little too tight for field use. (Esp. When the ABL will be out and put on the front of the scope, it will be impossible to get the cover on or off…) For now I’ve used a cheap 64mm flipup scopecover from my good friend Ali in China to protect the front lens.

yes to all those things.  Saw a firmware update today, but nothing special… just bug fixes.  They told me integrated lazer is ready to ship, but waiting on these firmware issues, as it requires an update.  I got a text today from a big US distributor telling me he has someone who go it early, and is able to use the Balistic calc feature with an airgun… and is dead on out to a 100! I need to figure that one so stay tuned.  I'll probably forget to come in here, but will talk about it on my fanboy Leshiy blog for sure ;)