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Got back into pre-charged in 1999 due to shoulder surgery needing trigger time.

Discovered tiny-bore around 2006 ( and FT ) and it was over. 500 shots a day easy to do, target.cans, squirrel, practice, fun, more, anohter tins, must ration tins, must buy full cases,… .  I woild not have had thee cash to shoot that much with any bp.

 My long range shooting got much better.

Not certain why, never tried to apply any equivalency or such, just lot's of high wind long ( for .177) range fun shooting.  At 110 yards w/12fpe a pellt only penetrates a color change target on cardboard 70% of the time. Wind and extreme holdover with that set up is just SO satisfying  and fun and everything about technique counts, guess that's the transfer between bp & air?  Low bucks, no hearing protection, greatly reduced range hazard with diablos.

 And a good airgun on a good day ( naturally w/good shooter ) can put 5 .177 pellets inside a .22RF hole. You just need to do tht once and y'all well be instant friends or they'll all move away from you, hum.

 Big-bore , novelty 99% of the time, some people have actually hunted everything every other way. 


 Airguns. Shooting with others. I have never even heard of any other competition where the vast majority of people you would want as friends and neighbors. Just the nicest people at the GOB FT club in TN.  Must have met 100+, would have any of them stay in the house. Pretyy outstanding for these modern times.

 The pole really is it after the first 100,000 pellets. 



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