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!00 yard testing!  For $100.00, very good deal. IF you just added it in the original price you'd not blink. It does take a LOT of time to shoot a few good outdoor 100 yard groups an exactly how many other manufacturers offer 100 yard testing at all?

 Used to be buy a USFT and it should shoot well, want it tested $100.00 extra, that was 2007 and most thought it a deal ( esp on replacement barrels) but that was wind tunnel testing which one would think takes much less ( and more predictable) time.

 Martin had to do something to egt off the phone. Too professional not to talk and way too busy to talk but to polity professional.  Just TOO many people "needing " to ask, fill pressure?  Scuba tank? 1+ hr over 7 calls, never heard from again. 5 calls for an actual direct sale but it would have been a dead stock off the shelf model except they wanted a color that caused one rilfe to sit out of Que for 9 weeks waiting on stcok material, then a special run for that stock,       …….

 I know someone with a 100 yard test target that came with there RAW signed & dated by a National Champion. He framed it and smiles at it like it's an airgun all by it's self.

 Times change.

Soon we will have much more bountiful access to RAW rifles. ( He gets to run the batch's start to finish w/out interrupting business)  They'll all be RAW QC and tested ( exactly how/muc/distance/? but a utility Martin can take pride in). And IF you think you actually shoot better than 99% of the shooters in the world , or it just pleases you to know exactly what your rifle CAN do ( some shooter other than I ) . $100.00 – and no time limit, weather & all- seems a value, when spending such an amount on such necessity as an airgun.




AA "XTRA FAC" all ran oval transfer ports-23.5fpe in .177 stock- , my QB does also..