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I did not understand much of what you wrote because my English language is weak but here in BG it is forbidden to transport only guns and firearms. Optics and so on are no problems.

Athlon is available in eBay by America's (!?) basically…and obviously there is a way …

As for whether optics is authentic product…I can only guess and hope …

Where did I search and ask – only from eBay I can buy it and that's why I ask for advice.

I know that there are limitations in UK for optics over x9 (for America I do not remember …) but once it is available in eBay I think it is not a problem to buy but I do not know how the question of the Athlon guarantee and that is why I asked.

Whether it is legal or not…the seller will know about it…, as far as Bulgaria is concerned – there is no prohibition of the law in terms of optics.

Here in BG the problem will be if I buy from outside the European Union that I will pay customs which fee is not small but only so possible …