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My opinion having a Condor for two weeks now and previously owning and shooting two different  FX rifles both very smooth and accurate I really like my new used Condor. It is a different feel and shoots slugs that my FX barrels won't.  Turning the power adjusting wheel down makes it real tame but turn it all the way up and it becomes a monster. I've only had time to shoot pellets at 50 yards at lower power wheel settings and it is accurate. I need more time with it to see how a stock Condor acts at higher power settings. 

I suggest you purchase a Talon SS then you have a quiet platform probably accurate enough for your plinking and short enough to be comfortable and if you want shorter put a 12 in barrel and shroud then you have a Talon P kind-of (different valve) but still what you wanted in the first place. As for the MD stock, add it later. 

An opinion from a fellow airgunner !

All the best