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I have  .25 cal walnut Crown that is presently at FX USA in North Carolina for repair.  I received the gun from AOA on June 1st.  My first FX rifle, and I was very pleased with the looks, feel and weight of the gun.  It weighed 6 lb 13 oz prior to mounting a scope.  This was lighter than I expected.  I cleaned the barrel prior to ever shooing, by unscrewing and removing the shroud to aid in fishing a weed trimmer string and pulling patches until clean.  The shroud was reassembled and I enjoyed shooting about 2 1/2 tins of JSB pellets for a month. I do most of my shooting at 50 yds, and most of my groups were under 1" in calm conditions.  July 5th, my son & I were shooting the gun an all of a sudden it was shooting about 3" right and low.  All I could think at the time was something with the scope.  I adjusted the elevation and windage, and a couple shots later I was on the bull again.  A few accurate shots, and then the rifle was shooting high and left.  I readjusted scope again until I was on target.  I set the gun aside, feeling fairly sure I had a scope issue.  A little while later a ground squirrel popped up close to where my target is.  My son watched through binoculars as I leveled in and took a shot.  There was a different sound, and the squirrel just stood there like nothing happened.  I initially thought that I had forgot to load a pellet.  I have been doing single shot loading without the mag.  I loaded a pellet, but the squirrel had gone, so I decided to take a shot at a rock near where the squirrel was.  The shot sound was like before and I never saw any dust from pellet.  My son said he heard something rattle on my gun.  I took a look, and there was a bulge in the shroud at barrel end.  I unscrewed and removed the shroud, and falling out was a damaged air stripper and pellet fragments.   The threaded end of the air stripper looked good.  The front end was broken off.  I screwed the air stripper back on the end of the barrel with no problems. It was an easy conclusion for me at that point that the air stripper had come unscrewed an fell off the end of the barrel.   The next day I called AOA, and they said I need to call FX USA.  Then called FX USA, and talked to Newman of customer service.  After explaining what happened, he set me up with a return shipping label with FedEx and said repair would be covered under warranty.  

It took 9 days for FedEx to get my rifle from Oregon to FX USA, arriving last Monday.  Yesterday I received a call from FX USA and the customer service rep then told me that my rifle repair may not be covered by warranty.  I was pretty shocked at that point, and explained to him that the only thing I have ever did with the rifle was remove the shroud to help in cleaning the barrel when I first received the gun.  Never removed the air stripper or the barrel.  He then said I should talk to a technician.  The technician said he had never seen this happen before, and kept questioning me on what I did with the gun.  he wanted to know if I checked the air stripper for tightness when I had the shroud off.  I told him I only even remember the air stripper because I had to fish the weed trimmer through it to pull patches and I never checked for tightness.  I told him that every time I went to shoot the gun, that I would always pull the shroud out and give a slight counter clockwise turn until I felt it drop into the slot while pulling on the shroud.  I felt that was when the shroud was fully extended.  He said he couldn't see how the air stripper could come off.  I must have had to explain the same story to him a half dozen times, and I think he could tell by my voice that I was getting a little upset.  He then apologized for all the questioning and said he had the repair parts, and the gun would be repaired the next day under warranty and shipped back.  As he explained to me that the o ring on the air stripper is always in contact with the inside of the shroud, even when extended, I brought up the point that if the air stripper had never been properly tightened to the end of the barrel, then every time I pulled the shroud out to shoot the gun, giving that counter clockwise turn, that could eventually unscrew the air stripper.  I don't really know how he felt about that idea, but he did say he believed I didn't do any disassembley of the gun, which I didn't.

Sorry for the long story, but I felt the details and new potential problem were important.  I'll report back when I receive my gun back from FX.  By the way, I asked the technician what his name was at the end of 36 minutes of conversation, and he said he was Ernest.