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Being left handed your rifle for sale does me no good but for guys new to the sport, say with a marauder type rifle, I would be all over older FT rifles like this 97.  A lot of these old Daystates,etc were and still are awesome rifles that can be picked up cheaper than a new equivelant rifle.  Your 97 is beautiful.  I don't own a 97 but have a CR-Xst in left hand but I can honestly say I have never opened this rifle up.  I bought is new from AoA in 2003-4? and have just shot it.  I have never had a leak or anything.  It's just a machine.  I don't shoot it much in FT as I am a spring gun guy at heart,  I bought it for air rifle silhoette so I had no need to set the scope up to FT level.  I just pull it out a couple times a year for matches when I feel lazy.  Problem is I get bored with it.  When I sit down to shoot with it and I hit everything.  Unfourtunately I don't spend some time with it and the scope on it getting it set up for matches as I would no doubt do well.  The only plus I see in the newer equivelant rifles is they seem to get more shots per fill.  My CRX get 60+ shots on reg which means I can shoot a full math without refilling which is my main requirement.