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WOW, these are very informative responses. I was not aware of the details in regards to firearms in the UK and Europe over all. I also too agree with a majority of your responses including for the most part “the legal issues” as I too live in the communist state of California which is not a fire arm friendly state. Fire arms are heavily regulated here, No supressors, 10rd mags only, shooting at a range only etc..We have a limited number of fire arms and rifles that we can buy in CA also, due mainly on the DOJ roster for handguns. As opposed to Airguns, we can own anything and shooting them in the backyard is ok. Reading your responses backs up what I had in mind, by buddy at one point was making me regret paying recently a near 3k on an airgun. I was contemplating on cancelling my order and put one down for a CZ Bren 5.56 but was also dreading on driving 1hr away in to the mountains to shoot it, the ammo cost, cleaning it, etc…


The costs of ammunition on PB’s is also one that I picked up on when I bought 50rds of .22WMR, which turned out to be $24 dollars. I think I spend 230  dollars on the range in one day after getting my .22lr rifles. One thing that I did pick up on about my friends fire arm addiction is that he is always broke. I think its because he goes to the shooting range 3 to 5 times a week, not to mention the collection of rifles and pistols in his bedroom. Fire arms will do this to you as they are dangerous……….to your wallet that is.


I am going to show my buddy this thread and see what he thinks. I am gonna convert him into a airgun nut instead :  ) it seems to have been working ever since he shot my .25 cal Impact. He was impressed with the quietness of it and the power that it puts out, amazed at the .25 and .30 cal size of pellets that it can shoot. If you guys have any more to add in regards to legality in other countries such as Canada, Europe, let me know