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Well. I just joined and this is my first post. I am an old competitive shooter that had given it up for 30 years. I never took air guns seriously. Then I started reading about PCP guns and my interest was activated. I started reading about them, watched videos and reviews and had many best rifles selected. Yet, the more I read, the old proverb that I learned many years ago came to mind. Buy quality……don't skimp. In the end it's cheaper. No one can afford to own a gun that is not more accurate than the shooter. As a shooter, it is imperative to know that when you miss it is you not the gun that missed. In that mind set, I bought a Crown in .25 a month ago. It is a very expensive air rifle, but it is superb in every way. I have made no adjustments. It is as the factory set it up. The regulator is set at 135 bar. I am using the standard 25.39 grain JSB King pellet that the factory designed the new X barrel around. It shoots same hole at 20 meters. At Max hammer setting it shoots 940 fps with a 5 fps deviation. With the hammer setting at min, it shoots 640 fps. It shoots every bit as good as my Anshutz match 22 at 50 meters and maybe at a hundred. I have not shot it at that distance. In any case, I can't believe just how good this gun is. I have ordered a new barrel kit in .177. In .25 it is a bit loud for back yard use, even at the minimum setting. The factory stated that the .177 barrel won't be available 'till Sept./Oct. As another point, I bought a Discovery scope to go with the Crown. It too is superb.