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GREAT QUESTION!  This is a subject near and near to me, I have always loved shooting I'm 63 my dad taught me of course, took my first shot 1960, 1999 moved to Tennessee U.S.A., ( great airgun state ) bought a farm (117 acres) to hunt and shoot, since than I've shot everything from .177air rifle to .50 Barrett there, I have been handloading since 1977.  In recent months I've liquidated most of my PB's, kept a few of course, bought two PCP's ( Wildcat and Bobcat ) and planning to get one more, Bobcat was most I ever spent on any gun.  Why PCP's over  PB's?  I can shoot them more, no powder, no primers, no cartridge cases, no barrel heating, no muzzle blast, very little barrel cleaning (I hate to clean barrels ) the time it took to load the cartridges, still do but not as much,  air guns are not regulated can buy and ship to most places easy ( this is a big one ) don't have to store so much "stuff" to support PB's no recoil, I have a plate in my neck, love the fit and finish and nice triggers, I guess that's enough said. I can't help but wondering how long airguns will remain under the radar, don't get me started on the "political climate".  One down side to air gunning, have a difficult time finding "people of like mind" to shoot with, sold a R9 .20 to my buddy to try to convert him, he uses it for a yard sweeper, quite effectively, but after several years he's still using the same tin of pellets!  Oh did i mention I love the accuracy of PCP's!!!  Wish I could meet some of you guys, would take ya to the farm, its a hunting and shooting paradise, nothing like having your own property!!!