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I too had a similar with him. I ordered a huma regulator he told me he had it in stock so I ordered it and got and email right away saying I would be getting a tracking number when it shipped. Three days later no tracking number so I called him, he said he was sorry and that he would check on it and get back to me. Another two days goes by and I never hear from him so I called and emailed him, he tells me he is out of town on the road and will get to me as soon as he stops so I waited again and again another two days  this went on for 19 days, all I got was excuses after excuses. I finally called my bank  and filed a fraud claim and my money was returned. If you don’t have it in stock DON’T SELL IT! if you can’t put it in a box and ship it off within 3-5 days DON’T SELL IT! As a business owner myself I can tell you with 100% certainty if I can’t deliver, I’m not taking the job. I really hated filing that  fraud case against him because Baxter sounded so sincere on the phone but business is business.