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To the OP the statement your friend makes is incorrect in the first instance, whilst laws maybe strict in Europe and licensing a mandatory requirement even in the UK we can own plenty of types of firearm.

Not availible to us are semi-auto centerfire, (although S/A .22 RF is perfectly legal) and handguns.

Air rifles without a license are subject to a maximum power of 12FT/ILBS and can be shot in your backyard legally as long as pellets stay within your boundary. Not much is gained by having more than 12FT upto 25 yards, .25 cal & .30 cal can be had sub 12FT but what would be the point? hence .177 is the most popular calibre for airguns here.

I run a shooting club in the UK and mainly shoot AR15's, I have owned pretty much everything calibre wise in bolt gun form, shot deer with a supressed .338 Lapua for years, had most custom US rifles including Nesika, Stolle etc. etc. we runs supressors on everything no problems there.

I have moved back heavily into PCP over the last year, a lot of the reason for that is indeed due to little restriction on sub 12FT/LB air rifles, cost is not really a point excepting ammo costs, 5.56 milsurp is about $75/100 here, .22 CCI is $100/1000. Of course high end PCP's are costly indeed but can be traded freely and as many 12FT owned as you can afford without requiring licensing each time.

Another big reason is nostalgia, shooting airguns rekindles experiences from youth, of course we know some of the best airguns in the world are made in England anyway so htat does help.

Your friend is indeed correct about the 2nd ammendement though, if I could get a visa to live and work in the USA I would leave England tomorrow. I work for a US company but still can't get one, for gun enthusiasts the USA is indeed the holy grail. So if anyone on here has a fat ugly sister they want to marry off please send her my details by PM ASAP!