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FFP scopes traditionally considered sniper scopes for about 100 years now. Reason – shooter can do pretty accurate rangefinding using mil dots.


as of past decade laser rangefinding equipment advanced very well. 


For example defacto standard sniper cartridge lapua 338 will drop 303in at 990 yards and 312in at 1000 yards.


So 10 yard error in range causes 10in difference in POI.


it is pretty much impossible to establish 10yard range accuracy using mil dot at 1000 yards. All modern long distance shooting totally depends on rangefinders.


all of that that said – ffp and mil dot is thing of the past for precision shooting.


But if you are preparing for SHTF ffp is preferred cause when SHTF your rangefinder battery will be dead.Military uses ffp for that reason. 


PCP air rifle is defacto not SHTF weapon cause your Chinese compressor will be dead and you will be eaten by zombies while hand pumping. So all of that said there’s no use for ffp on pcp air rifle.