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I have powder burners and I have air rifles.  I prefer air rifles.  My 30-06 is nice, but at $1.00 per shot, and after developing a flinch whenever I fire more than a couple rounds, the air rifle is just that much more fun.  My son has a 45-70, or better known as a small cannon.  40 rounds and he's done for the day.  Shoulder hurts, spent about $50 on ammunition, and still has to clean his gun.  At 10 magazines or around 160 rounds, I'm just getting started.  My shoulder doesn't hurt, and I've spent under $5.00  for ammunition and air.

Also, the light weight pellets are a challenge to shoot at 100 yards accurately.  Wind and such makes it so much more fun learning how to make it all work together.

As for those that reload, my Impact is about as flexible as you can get.  I control the amount of air, speed that the air passes to the pellet, and everything else about the shot.  Incredibly flexible.

Can I buy a rifle and enjoy it?  Yup, I sure can.  I bought a .22 carbine a year or so ago, still haven't put a single shot through it.  Been shooting pellets instead.

Plus, I can shoot without hearing protection if I want.  Eyes are mandatory, but hearing is optional due to the quiet nature of the gun.

Just more that I personally like about airguns instead of powder burners.