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I shoot 1000 yd competitions and enjoy powder burners immensely. I have plenty of rifles, shotguns,  pistols and also a CCW in California. I started shooting air guns when I was a boy and have never stopped. It's great practice for when I don't have time to drive to a range where I can shoot 1000yds. All of the things that make a great shooter apply to air guns as much as they do to powder burners… trigger control, breathing, body positioning, reading the wind, figuring dope, etc… I can practice and get trigger time at my home, in my yard where I have a range set up to 60-70yds. My neighbors don't hear me, don't care and I can shoot all day long for practically nothing. My only cost with a pcp is a tank of air and a tin of pellets, with a springer, only pellets. Another factor that has gotten me shooting air guns more and more is that I have two young boys who love to shoot. Because neither of them are 18 years old, they can't even step foot on the range where I practice shooting 1000yds because of liability and no insurance for anyone under the age of 18. I got tired of driving 2.5hours to practice or compete and leaving my boys at home. Airguns are just another enjoyable option for those of us that love to shoot. As many have already stated, I think you'll find that most everyone on this site have plenty of powder burners and can shoot them very well.