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You hit on a lot of the reasons why I choose to shoot PCPs already. Also your statement here "…50 to even 100yds and maybe more if my shooting range allowed me to do so." hit on another reason. Firearm bullets fly and fly for very long distances and retain the power to kill at those distances. I like to shoot. Shooting airguns allows me to experience the effects of long range shooting over a much shorter distance. The pellets fly for quite a way (~950yds depending) but, they are much slower and retain much less energy than a firearm round. Quiet is another major attraction for me. Shoot a firearm in your yard and you may get a visit from local law enforcement or angry neighbor. On the contrary, you could shoot an air rifle for years in your back yard without anyone knowing. You could silence a firearm but then you have a $200 tax stamp for each firearm silencer + the cost of the silencer + the added bonus of being placed on a list. 

I have a good sized collection of firearms. I honestly don't remember when the last time was that I shot any one of them. I've got one that hasn't ever been fired and another that needs to be tested from being repaired about 12 months ago. I think it might have been around November of 2016 when I stopped at the gun range after work to try a buddies rifle. I brought my CCW pistol along to give it a little exercise. With an air rifle, I don't have to travel to a dedicated area to shoot either. My airgun collection has grown well beyond my firearms primarily because I can shoot them whenever I want to and not bother anyone else. 

I have not thought of getting rid of air rifles for PB's. However, I may have thought of getting rid of a PB (and related ammo) for an air rifle. No regrets with my air rifle collection, either present or past. I'm glad to have owned all of them and each one has taught me something new about myself, air guns, and shooting. At one point, I estimated my collection to be around $15,000. That was a while ago and I've since sold and bought a lot. No idea what my collection is worth today. 

Happy Shooting!