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In the USA Currently, Firearms and Silencers are federally regulated but Airguns and Airgun Silencers are completely unregulated (at the Federal level).

Silenced airguns make it easier to shoot multiple pest where a single shot from a firearm and you are done hunting for a period of time.

Airguns do not require you to clean often. Airgun ammunition is not flammable or explosive and does not require extra cost for a standard carrier to bring it to you. Once you cast /size your home made airgun projectile you are done. With a firearm you have just started on the reloading activity and must purchase and assemble the other components as well.

I can shoot an airgun all day or longer for what one box of firearm cartridges cost. When is the last time a firearm owner purchased 350 rounds of ammo for $16 down to $6 or less. Not since bricks of .22 Long Rifle was in that price range in the 1970's for sure.

Firearms have their purpose and I own them too as I was raised with a grand dad who was a hobbyist gunsmith and who had access to much WWII surplus ammo / powder and gun components. I was casting and reloading under his watchful eye by the first grade. Problem for most firearm lovers these days is they have to purchase a right to access a place to hunt and or shoot said firearms.

I luckily do not have this issue due to my choice to live in a remote location without the conveniences of the city. I can step out my back door and shoot anything from .17 to my 4" Black Powder Cannon without violating any ordinances at all or fear anyone hearing or caring. ;)