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The TalonP only comes in .25 so it is disqualified right there unless you buy a replacement barrel AND a moderator. I have mine in a Mad Dog Bulldog stock and an extended bottle with a Talon Tunes Moderator. It is accurate to 100 yards and a hammer in power with JSB 25.4, 34 and 52 hand grain cast ammo. The Talon SS is lower power and is quite but becomes almost soundless with the addition of a DonnyFL Shogun moderator to it.

Keep an eye out for a used gun. I have acquired most of mine on the used and parts market.

I have 3 Condors (.22, .25, .257), 1 Condor SS (.25), 1 TalonSS (.25 custom), 1 TalonP  and one .457 Texan so I am not sure I am impartial in my recommendations! lol

Most of the above are in Mad Dog Ultima stocks and the Texan is in a Raptor Long.