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BR 549    Thanks for the info & your time. I have shot the 22 & 25 cal. in BP love them both, the only problem is that I"d like to have the cocking mech. forward not at the back of the butt. just another dilemma & which cal. I"ll be choosing. Thanks again  Darell

intenseaty22  Nice to hear from you again, I got the info on Charlie from one of your other post awhile back so I looked up his web site great info. I knew you had the crickets so was hoping to hear from you. That 25 is very shocking on it's hiting power on grey diggers, (desert rats) you don't forget the sound !!. I will be intouch with Charlie very soon. Thanks for your time    Darell

COSTAS4597  Thankyou for your time to respond also. Looks as if it might be the 25 from what I'm seeing, also thanks for the info on pellet weight & fps will look into it. Seems like every time I get another gun there's a different type of pellet I need. Well PYD. AIR likes it .  Thanks again  Darell