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Are you shooting Score matches, or comp. w/ known distances? Because if you are? And not needing a variable magnification or ranging type Reticle my suggestion is a straight 36x weaver br scope ( 1” tube ) or leupold 45x br scope ( 30mm tube ) can usually find good deals used… I have both, obviously the leupy is superior but also more $$$…

Funny you should mention those scopes… I'm a recovering center fire BR fanatic, so I'm more than familiar with both the Weaver T36 and the Leupold Competition. I've owned both. I agree that the lupey has the better optics, but the Weaver tracked perfectly and held zero even on top of some rather hot 6PPC loads. But I digress…

The rifle is an RAW TM1000 in their BR stock, and I'll be using it in benchrest score matches, maybe the odd FT match and for informal group shooting. Based on that, either of your would meet my needs admirably. Unfortunately they're both more than I care to spend these days. I'd like to stay under $500 if possible. I don't really need a 56mm objective, and 32-36X is all the magnification I can use. Just something with a bigger eye box.