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My Crown shoots the 25.39 pellets at 940fps and is ragged, one hole accurate. Everyone told me that was too fast, absolute maximum should be around 920fps. The 33.95 pellets also shoot lights out and I don't adjust anything at all. They shoot at 835fps. The gun is now sighted in at 35yds with the 25.39's, I have dope cards for each and have just been switching pellets back and forth at will without adjusting anything. I haven't shot past 80yds yet, but out to 80yds I couldn't be any happier, the groups haven't opened up more than usual. I can't see anything changing out to 100yds unless it's my fault. My gun is set on .25-30, high and the reg. is set at 140bar. I haven't messed with the hammer spring and don't think I'm going to because I don't want to screw anything up. Stoti