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I have the carbine in .22 and .25 calibers. Both excellent guns. The .25 outperforms the .22 at longer distances. There’s no need (for me) to tune anything. Only adjust the trigger to your liking and the pellet speed for accuracy.

With the .22 I had the best results using the JSB 18’s at 880-890 fps.

The .25 is laser accurate with the 34’s at 830-840 fps. It can go all the way up to 880-890 fps but there is no improvement in accuracy and the gun becomes hard to control (for me). This when the regulator settled to about 120 bar.

It seems to me that 830-840 fps is the magic speed for the 34’s because I also have the best results at this speed with my FX ELITE with an ST barrel.

The barrel of the .25  bp is 600 mm and .25 carbine’s is 615 mm. The difference is air tube capacity where bp’s is 350 cc and carbine’s 280 cc. These from the official site.

And a photo just to tease you…


Hope this helps