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@beemanr7…I bought a Condor maybe 2 months ago and it didn't come with a tri-rail. Were you suggesting he buy one? Becsuse I tore the box mine can in apart!

My set up is exactly like your's with exceptions to the hammer and spring…I also added a Maddog stock.


Depends on what you expect from your Condor. The tri-rail stiffens the gun and eliminates some of the flex. It also raises the scope higher and may require that you buy a lower set of scope rings. It adds weight to the gun. It's rather expensive too. I've seen it go for $40. Mine came with one and I took it off not seeing its purpose. When I put it back on, it shaved a 1/2" off my groups at 50 yards. That's significant. I'd like to try the Wok-Guard too but I can't find one used. 

All that being said, my Condor serves its purpose well. I keep my shots to within 85 yards and nothing walks away. I recently purchased a "safe queen" FX Boss to replace it that is much more accurate. But the Boss is like a fart in a skillet compared to the Condor. 79 FPE vs 100 FPE.  Sure do like the Boss with its accuracy and 9 shot magazine for backup shots (that's why I bought it). But heck, with the Condor I don't need a backup shot if I do my due diligence. One round….one kill. Who needs an FX Boss!