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I installed Super Sear II's on a couple Condors (new style) a while back. Installation on the first one took a bit because I didn't take pictures of the trigger group before I took it apart.

Both rifles had fairly heavy triggers to begin with. The super sear made each one extremely light. It took me a long time to get used to the modified trigger. Once I was used to them, they were amazing. Very crisp and predictable break.

Installing the Super Sear also gave me an excuse to go ahead and take out the auto safety on each rifle.

If you do go ahead and purchase a Super Sear, make sure you order the correct one for your rifle. A rifle with the old safety with the red rubber takes the original Super Sear I. The newer style rifle with the triangle looking safety takes a Super Sear II.

For me, it was worth purchasing. I wasn't super happy with the stock Airforce trigger. The super sear made my rifles much more enjoyable to shoot.