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" and I list it down a "Gold coin" purchase " 

Just as with the post office, fedex …  how will starting out with a lie help if you need to file a claim?   Whatca doing "hording" huh? 


 Buying, selling, TALK. Think. Calm down, remember it is only an airgun and there will be more if one "get's away".  Be sure what you are doing and with whom. Airguns are for fun!


 John Whiscombe only accepted one form of payment, it was not paypal. No one ever had any unresolved issues. NO worries.




I rather fight a lie with a lie, then get ripped off for playing by the rules that only apply tome!
But if it works for your "Perfect World" Hey great for you!

I live in the real world and I'm smart enough not to get taken advantage of!

If you go into a battle that no one plays by the rules? Just you???  It's a safe bet that you will lose!

I was naive  once! But ONLY once! Never again!


On a side note there are Gun Shops that use PayPal. (I'll won't say their names because I like paying with PayPal)

I do agree about trying to make sure you deal with good people when purchasing items. But you can never be 100% sure.

So do what it takes to protect yourself!

Remember to carry yourself with integrity! But also know what Arena you are playing in!