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That's a pretty high regulator pressure for shooting .22 caliber.  My regulator manometer registers just a sliver above 100 and I'm producing 44.1 Joules at 274 m/s.

My first suggestion would be to "thoroughly" clean the barrel again.  Use Ballistol or other similar cleaner/lubricant. WD40 and o-rings don't play well together.  Keep the WD40 in the garage.  Your airgun will thank you for it.

Second, reset all the settings back to factory specification if not already there.

Hammer Spring Tension – 18.5 mm

Regulator Pressure – 110-115 Bar

Valve Control Knob – 4th line

Once back to factory specs, start shooting over the chrony.  Raise regulator pressure, if necessary, to get a starting velocity of 274 m/s.  This will give you a good starting point.  Shoot a bunch of mags through the rifle to allow the barrel to settle back in.  Most people find the greatest success when tuning for the 18.13 gn at velocities between 274-280 m/s.

Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.

Happy Shooting!