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Looks like your Condor is still flexing a bit. The gun comes new with what they call a tri-rail that mounts on the top dovetail where your scope is mounted. Many guys take that tri-rail off and mount the scope directly to the top dovetail with high rings. I think that is a mistake because that tri-rail helps to stiffen the frame of the gun in its weakest area, right above the breech. Put that tri-rail back on and get a lower set of scope rings in order to keep the proper scope height above the barrel. 

Also, they make a product called a "Wok-Guard" that helps to stiffen the frame right below the breech. Between the two, the tri-rail and the Wok-Guard, the breech area is significantly stiffened.

Even with the top tri-rail and the lower Wok-Guard, you can confirm with your laser as you have already done, that there is still flex in the frame between the pistol grip and the rearmost barrel bushing. All this flexing is due to the lightweight aluminum frame. The solution is simply to be careful not to flex the frame when you are shooting. Your demonstration of torquing the gun so much that you twisted the bi-pod off the dovetail is a perfect example of what not to do. I had to learn the hard way just as does everybody else who shoots a Condor. Don't pre-load that flexible frame with any torque or twist or bending loads…up, down, left, or right; and don't put any back pressure on the pistol grip when you shoot it. If you pull that gun back into your shoulder like your about to shoot a Weatherby 460, you're not going to hit your target. Take all the precautions and it's a winner. Get sloppy and your groups open up big time. 

You are correct. It is a hunting gun. Wanna shoot contest? Buy a contest gun.

All that being said, aside from being a single shot, I like my Condor. But I had to learn how to shoot it. I'm shooting 37 grain Rat Sniper Hollow Points at 1050-1095 FPS and taking whitetail deer out to 85 yards with lung shots. I have the Talon Tunes top-hat wide open (no restrictor) and a carbon fiber bottle filled to 250 bar. I also have Talon Tunes one piece heavy hammer and hammer spring. Power wheel is set on the lowest setting. I'd never enter this gun in a contest. But nothing walks away that I hit with it either.

Nuff said.