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I have had 2 of the beeman silver Kodiak dual barrel guns and 1 had a good 177 barrel and the other had a good 22 cal barrel. gave the 22 cal to my brother  and the 177 was stolen. I also had a P17 refurb that was stolen and I bought another refurb P17. Both those guns are great. The P17 I bought were around $30. The only other great cheap gun is the slavia 634 but I paid $105 for mine so that's a bit high. The beeman dual barrels are real easy to tune. take out the Lawyer spring from the trigger and put a sleeve on the guide and its tuned up nice.  I found that the barrels are put on each gun at the factory and ground at the breach so you cannot take the barrels from different rifles and  swap  out. the breech won't be right. the scopes on the beemans are also usable and have lots of power.