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I just pay with my CC through PayPal "goods & services"  and I list it down a "Gold coin" purchase. If anything happens I file a claim. Both with PayPal and my CC.

Smart. I was going to suggest the same thing.

1. Check PayPal's policies on what is covered and what is not.

2. If you are actually buying something that is not covered, pay via "goods & services", and pretend that you are paying for a service and not an actual item. I never had to file a claim for none received "services", but your odds are better than arguing over an item that is not covered at all. 

3. Never ever use the same email you pay with, for correspondence. Lets say it comes hard to hard and the seller sends your email correspondence to PayPal, that might/could be used against you. However, if you go on and on about an item with a seller using a different email than the one you paid with, then there is no "evidence" that you guys even talked about what the seller claims you bought. As a matter of fact, I never use my real name, email address, address, pictures of me or anything like that. No, I am not born in 1984 either. : )

4. I am not a Lawyer so believe everything I said, ha ha.

That said. I would try a charge back with my credit card company. Might work.




Disclaimer: Everything I said is a bunch of BS and is not true. ZERO. : )