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another " once upon a time" post,


used to be , in the small airgun world that if you burned just one person your business would suffer!   Take money and deliver nothing from a few people and you would be out of business, absolutely.

 Now , well as long as "I got mine" and "I didnt get ripped off"  to heck with everyone else.

 Anyone read ripoff report? Actually seems pretty hard to get your name listed, and they DO seek out a response, always good to read the response. 

Ever google "millennium pumper" ?

 There are a couple of newer "dealers" ( & sellers of sthuff airgun related )  "I" have never lost money to that "I" wouldn't do business with even if they were the only one who had  XX .

Certainly was was to do business when more people knew each other and tried to look out for others.