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I know a guy that is looking to sell his FX streamline in favor of his Umarex Gauntlet, he said the trigger and bolt obviously are not as smooth, but he's tuning those and the Gauntlet is just as accurate out to 100yd as his streamline. He shoots it way more because  he's not as tender with the less pricey gun, worth considering. There is what you Want, what you Can buy, and what you will actually Shoot/Carry. 

I would second (or third or tenth, whatever it is at now) the Impact. But also Utah Airguns has just come out (or just about to) with the FX Warcat. To my knowledge it is a collaborative build between FX, Ted (of Teds Holdover, may he shoot far and prosper) and Utah Airguns. Well worth looking into. Ted is going to be a video of it by this weekend, get hooked into Teds stuff on Youtube or facebook. Could well be the gun you want.

sounds like you've got a handle on caliber, .25 seems to be the best of all worlds in calibers from those with experience, best shot count, power, foot pounds of energy, noise levels etc. (I speak mostly on second knowledge through Teds words, may he always hit his mark) The only reason to go bigger is if you want to hunt big game.

I personally go .22 because it is quiet, and higher shot counts and I am currently all about my Ataman AP16 compact, but that's a pistol and that's why I have it (because its what I can get and what I will carry and shoot). I love the idea of having a Wildcat, or the Warcat in .25, but I think what would swing me into laying down the $ for an FX bullpup will be if they ever make the Over Under Impact concept I have (upper barrel an arrow barrel and lower is FX's quick change barrel system. OR both barrels are the quick change, any two calibers or arrow barrel of your choosing) but that's dream more than likely.

Welcome to the form and the world, have fun!