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My PCP has a 280cc reservoir with max psi being 200 bar or about 2900 psi.  I try to use some discipline when I shoot.  When it gets down to 2000 I top up.  For my gun which is a tuned Kral Puncher Breaker I am getting about 30 shots (.22).  Maybe a little more.  It takes maybe five minutes to pump back to 2900 with my Hill 4-stage pump.  It helps to use a little weight on the downstroke.  When I received the Kral it had maybe 1200 PSI left in the tube.  Just to make sure I was going easy on the pump I stopped three times for five minutes after I reached 60 strokes.  So it took around 180 total and about 25 to 30 minutes for the initial fill.

I have actually found this gun to be a bit more pleasant to refill than my Gamo Urban that operates at higher pressure with a much smaller tube.  It takes less effort overall.  But for the money I sure wouldn't trade that Urban either.

I really don't mind using the hand pump as I do more casual shooting and some hunting where I stalk a lot between shots.  I actually enjoy pumping the guns as it reminds me of hand loading for my powder burners.  An additional advantage of hand pumping is that you are unlikely to heat up the reservoir on your gun like you can do if you rush a fill from a high pressure tank.

Welcome to the PCP world and have fun!