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Banks, credit card companies and insurance companys are all coming out with anti-gun policies since the Obama administration put pressure on them to not do business with 'questionable' companies like payday loan companies or gun dealers/ gun companies.  This has NOT changed since a different administration came in.  In fact, this has just accelerated since the school shootings.  They make no differentiation between an assault rifle (accually no such thing but that is another subject) and a pellet rifle.

Eventually, we will have to establish a separate financial system for sporting/hunting goods and ANY projectile weapon, bow, powder burner or pneumatic; new or used

I mean 'we the people' who shoot 'something' will have to start our own bank. ( I knew a group of people who did it for a specialized industry and it works).  Note that PayPal itself was started to facilitate money transfers so we will have to set up the same type of company for our interests.

As per PayPal, data gathering is more pervasive than you realize and since ALL emails and transactions are read and individuals profiles created and tracked (just read an article in the Wall Street Journal {newspaper's worth every penny I pay for it!} that EVERY internet service provider and phone company for email is allowing your emails and texts to be machine read and classified by the app developers on PC and mobile communications as to what you 'are', )  they DO know who is getting money for what when they care to use the info they already have if you had a conversation with the seller about what you wanted to buy.


FYI- even when you click don't track location…