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Sorry for the delay, VERY busy and not getting online much.

Example 1:  About 16 years ago I had access to some Remington Accelerator .308 sabot/bullets (not normally sold as a component, just loaded ammunition but, 'contacts', you know, haha) which years later I tried to shoot in a .30 Marauder but I believe the choke and sabot are not compatible so accuracy was dismal.  These same .224/.308 Accelerators shot very well in handloads for a 300 Savage and also pretty darn well as a 20% reduced load in a 300 Weatherby interestingly enough so it was not the projectiles, just the air rifle.  I think part of the problem also was too slow a twist on the air rifle did not stabilize the light weight sabots.

Example 2:  I have a small injection molding company locally and four years ago one of the guys I know turned me on to some custom .45 sabots for .357 bullets that were produced for a small manufacturer who was making 45ACP pistol ammunition and was testing the concept but when the project was cancelled I got all the ones produced but not shipped out yet.  I was shooting them in a 45 Quackenbush which is an old style air rifle and wished I had some today to try in a better, more modern Texan. Best I could ever get was 2.5" at 50 yards but about 16 inches at 100 so they were just tumbling for some reason.