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Overall, another good video. Having done just a bit of editing work, I can appreciate the amount you put in to make such a video. Thanks for making them for us.

The reason I didn't say great video was the music. Sounds like the standard aoa/daystate/fx hype music. After all, it's just an air rifle match. The fate of the world is not on the line!

You used to use your own taste in music (so it seems) in your videos. I want to encourage you to do your own thing with your videos and not have them turn into aoa/daystate/fx clones. Not saying you are doing that now, just wouldn't want to see that happen. After all, there's so much pressure to conform for guys. Take a risk and be different.





Matt & Giles have put together some excellent coverage that's less heavy (see above reply for links).  As for my style… well, it's my style and I put a lot of hours into choosing music that speaks to me.  I agree with ya though, Chris (videographer) at AOA has phenomenal taste in music.  Best, Steve


P.S. my event coverage vids have always been of similar musical theatrics

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