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Bummer your not having fun.

Did you do your  " do diligence"  before buying?   Maybe a 3 day inspection agreement? ( used to be a standard just like Postal M/O's) . Perhaps moved a little fast? 

ONLY AoA would know what they sold. It has happened that airguns get put together from parts, or raided for a needed warranty part then replaced with???  Could be it IS exactly as issued from the dealer ( and/or FX).  You would only know if AoA was asked, your personal feelings right or wrong do not change this.

 Dont know eddie, or you. 


 Back when the new generations favorite "pay pal" service started banning Airgun dealers I dropped them and told them why, wouldnt go back even if they changed.  Also I dont feel the need to fill in that Tax block just because of a hobby. 

 They offer NO protection to a seller. Buyer claims the box an airgun came in contained a 10lb brick, pay pal rules for the buyer ( happened to a well know long estab;lished dealer).


 LOT's of scam's out in the world these days. Lot's of really good deals also.


This simply does NOT sound like a "ripoff".  A misunderstanding, certainly but that's all and how either party wishes to handle it is their decision.


 Paypal is no ones friend.