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So your accusing AoA of selling Frankenstein guns???  Of course you cant back that up because you never contacted them with pics of the shroud like I told you too 5 times. That's why you lost the claim and the appeal.  Your a scammer!! Haha

I don't know what aoa sells. I've had bad experiences with them so I didn't contact them. I believed donnyfls appraisal was sufficient. However, I would gladly let you get a appraisal from any other airgun selling distributor such as Utah airguns. I didn't text about aoa after you mentioned aoa because at that point you were refusing refunds, threatening to sue me, and cursing me.


Edit: heck now that I think about it sure I'll send it to aoa for appraisal as long as you refund me if they say it's been modified or not stock.

You can tell based on my pictures that this wildcat is not stock. Did you receive the gun with three holes in the shroud in my pictures or did you drill these holes yourself? Eddie, you seemed like a swell guy on the phone. Why did you not answer any of my calls after the gun arrived? Why are you so convinced I was Scamming you?

Any sane/normal person who is not satisfied with their purchase would seek a refund. Since you would not let me get a refund, I asked paypal to help me? How have I in any way try to scam you?