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Wow, seems unusual, there are many here that swear by, not at, FX Impact.  Did you call them to explain what the issue was?  I couldn't sell it to someone without fixing it first, that's just not ethical unless you have a disclaimer stating there is a leak.

I would think that FX would/should make it right, they have a lot riding on their product being reliable, so I would try one more time explaining the previous issues and how they have not been fixed yet.


believe me when it was working good, (about the first 6 months) it would outshoot my 22mag @100yrds. and i've had 100yrd groupings that would have givin teds holdover a run. and yes everytime i sent it to AoA i talked with someone on the phone before i sent it, and attached a written note with the problems. after the second time i figured i would try someone differant and was referred to the new North Carolina location