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Welcome to the forum.  I am going to take this a slightly different direction.  You mention wanting to do some competitions, and keep honed in the off season.  While there aren't many precision air rifle discussions on this forum, there is a whole different world of PCP called 10 meter Air Rifle.  It is shot with 0.177, and indoors.  Velocities there are only in the range of 650 ft/s, but the rifles they use are just as expensive as the FX, and super accurate.  I am sure there are a few of those competitions in your area.  If this seems to peak you interest, you may take a quick look at TargetTalk forum.  It is more suited for that sport, both rifle and pistol

Now if you are a hunter and more interested in the outdoor shooting, then you may want to look at Field Target.  I am pretty sure there are a few of those competitions in your neck of the woods.  But for that sport  they limit to 20 fpe, so 22 or 177 is preferred. 

Now if you are on Airgun Nation, like so many of us are, you are seeing the EBR, and PA competitions.  For those, yes the 25 is probably a good way to go.  Or if you can find some other airgunners in your area, take the initiative and organize your own competitions.  To borrow a quote: "If you build it, they will come"

If you are limited on funds, figure a Gauntlet or Marauder to get you going.  But even with those, by the time you get a good scope, and air source you are talking $800-$1,000 just to get started.  I have been wishing for a long time and trying to save, but no matter how I figure it, that is the initial cash outlay just to play. 

The main thing is to really decide what your final goal will be, Competition, plinking, hunting, or whatever.  Then you can tailor your money and purchase into that goal. 

Welcome to the club…