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Thanks for all the welcomes and input!  

This is for target shooting only. I only hunt deer .Nothing else. And like most of us im sure, we want tje best of the best .

In my 20's I played pro xball .So I am very familiar with having to fill tanks, and the cost associated with it all .Im just going to get a tank, compressor and outfit myself with a high end air gun .

Budget, ahh 4k or so .I could go higher if necessary, but my research seems to land me around that area with the setup I'm looking to get into .Either a crown, S510 XTRA Ultimate Sporter fac, impact, m2r carbine and a couple more to review .

Scope, well I'm still up for suggestions on that .So many to choose from .  I know what I like on my hunting shotgun and rifles, but this is a different element I'm learning .

Thanks again everyone for the responses!