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Mybig concern with these "electric" hand pumps is the real possibility of overheating the pump.  Even hand pumping with a 1 second pause at the top and bottom of the stroke made my pump hot after 50 to 60 pumps.  I watched the videos and thought no way those pumps are holding up for any length of time.  As for a motor i would start checking for a used or junked washingmachine motor.  Shouldnt be any more than a couple bucks (heck maybe even free if you can find sommeone throwing one out- rarely are the motors burned out).  I would think belt driven gear reduction should work just fine.  Pretty sure there is a bicycle driven one floatingaround on youtube.

thanks, what is a bicycle driven motor. I will look for junked motors. I looked at many different youtube vids of auto hand pumps, some folks said their pump only increased 17 deg etc. My crazy idea is to set it up like I would for a motor and use a long hand lever, maybe 4 feet from pivot point to make pumping less strenuous. Not sure if it would work, any thoughts?