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I just love the ingenuity and pragmatism of mankind.  I remember looking years ago at all the ways to refilling a PCP airgun.  I was certainly intrigued by this type of setup.

However, by the time you purchase all the material to create this type of air delivery system, Air Venturi will have their Nomad hitting the streets.

I'll go out on the limb a state that the Nomad would be an easier and more durable solution than to automate a hand pump. Uses 110v or a 12v car battery.  Made specifically to air up an air gun directly.  Fast refills every time. Self contained unit.  Very light and extremely portable.  And it's only $499…going to be a hot seller.

Not trying to dissuade you from your project, just pointing out a better option to think about.

Happy Shooting!

thanks, I might look into that, was hoping for cheap initially.

edit: now you have got me interested in the Nomad, I am going to give your name to my wife :). For $499, I would hope it would last many years.