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This subject can be discussed and debated forever.  Yes you can buy inexpensive things and get them to work.  I had a good friend that could make anything work.  I mean anything, cars, trucks, boats, lawn mowers, guns, and even airguns.  He was amazing and I miss him dearly but I AM NOT THAT GUY, and most of us aren't.  I always tell people to get the best they can afford.  We all have different budgets but trying to get a cheap gun to shoot like a Steyr, Anschutz, FWB, etc. is Maybe not impossible, but certainly difficult at best.  I have tried cheaper airguns and frankly I did not like them.  Some shot okay and some not so much.

Everyone's objective is not the same either.  I shoot competitively, or try to at least.  With airguns it's 10 meter, silhouette, and field target so power and big bores are not for me.  My approach is to buy the best I feel that I can afford.  I do not have the best of the best or the latest and greatest.  My goal is to have equipment that is competitive.  In other words, I don't lose because of my equipment.

Generally you tend to get what you pay for but certainly a cheap airgun could and can win matches and I know they can kill small game.  Priorities and tastes vary.

Rick B.